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A long split-screen is sold on. You see all three gods

PříspěvekNapsal: 15 bře 2021, 07:51
od sunxuemei
Go back to RuneScape gold the lost territory of Guthix and you see still another dark figure lvl 150....guess who....walk onto it and next thing you know your at the Zammorak Chapel near ardougne. The figure is now lvl 200. Speak to the figure... and you guessed it he wants you to repair his entire o joy. . .but now he says in the event that you do not he will rip you limb from limb have no choice.

He also needs to be fast, needs to have the power to bind runes at any given moment, he must have many arrows for strengthful quick ranged attacks, he needs a slayer team to slay anything that crosses his path, and 10 seaweed because of his enemies to endure (I dont understand why, thats all I could think about RS can change this however they want im just the messenger boy)

Give him all of the things and you guessed it....he desires a wizard mind bomb. Hand it to him and he turns into the devious Zammorak. Speak to Zammorak (still feeble (full strength lvl 1250, but may never achieve that) lvl 800 and he states" to your rediness to serve the shadow I give this" he enchants you so you can withstand attacks against the forces of goodness.

Guthix has reeawoken!!!!! A long split-screen is sold on. You see all three gods....and that you.... Joining together in 1 area, Zammorak and Saradomin looking quite scared and you looking amazed. Guthix speaks" (screename) you have buy OSRS gold awaken me and you've reasembled the bodies of Zammorak and Saradomin, what can you need to say on your own. ?" . Then y-y-you showed up and teleported us to the area looking location and-----" Guthix:"SILENCE!!!!!!!! I don't have any patience for your witty remarks. (title ) You've awaken all of us, so will you destroy two of our most powerful diciples and balance runescape again!! ."